Last 22nd of June, ASToN took the EDD floor for a session about the experimentation phase of the project and why we think it is a key step for the digital transformation of African cities.

The panel was moderated by Simina Lazar, network lead and composed of Martin Ssekajja pLocal ASToN manager in Kampala and Hamadou B Yalcouye, ASToN Local coordinator in Bamako. They shared with the audience how they understood the experimentation approach, how they used it, what challenges they encountered and what benefit they see using this method. You can watch their answers here!

You can find more quotes and pictures here: session ASToN

From this experience, we want to highlight that:  

  • ASToN is unique and arouses interests … After each of our interventions, African cities contact ASToN cities and Secretariat to ask about the future of ASToN and whether they could join the network.  
  • International event are key moments for our network to share our experience and disseminate our learnings. They gave cities the opportunity to show the world their work and build partnerships beyond ASToN. To quote Hamadou, “International events are an opportunity to share ASToN’s experience with the rest of the world and sometimes with actors not so far from us! It took a presentation at the europan deays in Brussels for some of them to realize the progress we are making.
  • International events are all about inspiring others and getting inspired.The event was rich in innovations many of which were relevant to the African Smart cities Agenda for example SourceUp, Africa Knowledge Platform, European Think Tanks Group” told us Martin.