Insights from our cities and first findings

Africa is home to the 10 fastest growing cities in the world. Since September 2019, ASToN (African Smart Towns Network) is exploring how digital tools can address both local and global challenges. 

At ASToN we ask: how might digital transitions support African cities to keep pace with that growth, while also becoming more inclusive and sustainable places to live?

Join us on September 11th at 07.45 am GMT / 09.45 am CEST as we explore together what digital transition means for African cities today and how they can overcome their challenges and maximise their opportunities at this exceptional time. 

In a 90 minute session together with 11 ASToN cities we will discuss: 

  • The first findings of our 10 month Exploration phase, summing up 9 city visits, 2 all-city meetings and more than 100 interviews with local stakeholders
  • Innovative reactions and solutions from African cities in response to the global pandemic
  • What’s next – the network’s plans to accelerate African cities’ transition to a digital, sustainable and inclusive future and how we could collaborate 

During this session you will hear from ASToN cities including Bamako, Lagos and Matola and from the project coordination team and experts.

This online session will be hosted in French and English, with translation services available.

To attend you must register a place HERE.

About us:

ASToN is a network of 11 African cities using digital tools to overcome local and global challenges. Through peer exchange and learning, engaging our local stakeholders and taking a results-oriented approach, we are making our cities more sustainable and inclusive places to live and work. 

This flagship project is financed by the French Development Agency (AFD), managed by the French National Urban Renovation Agency (ANRU) and uses URBACT knowledge and tools.