Discussing the URBACT and ASToN methodology and how cities can own it. ASToN will be part of a worldwide dialogue that shapes the futur of urban governance during 5 days in Katowice!

How can cities achieve inclusive and sustainable urban development? Why multi-stakeholders dialog at local level can be beneficial? Would it be relevant to connect with others cities at a transnational level to tackle complexes and local issues? How can cities integrate a city-network?


We will be looking into these questions and some more through the experience of several city practitioners from Africa and Europe during the next World Urban Forum in Poland !

Join ASToN and URBACT for a common session on How to achieve sustainable, inclusive and participatory urban development, during the World Urban Forum..


Our session: How to achieve sustainable, inclusive and participatory urban development? Learnings from the experience of African and European cities (NE 73 8264793376735012)

When ? TUE 28th of June – 2.30PM

Where ? World Urban Forum 11th edition, International Congress Centre (MCK) in Katowice Poland

More informations on the WUF website