One of the oldest inhabited cities in the country, the city of Bizerte is located 65 km north of Tunis. While the city’s ambitions are currently focused on Tunisia’s smart city program, it does not have a digital transformation plan.

In this context, the municipality wished to participate in the ASToN program in order to support the continuous improvement of the quality of life of its citizens, including in its way of carrying out cleaning and waste disposal activities. The expansion of the city limits and the exponential increase in its size have called into question the existing approach to waste management. An improvement in the quality of services would be measurable through cleaner neighborhoods, a better understanding of citizens’ needs and a better degree of satisfaction with municipal waste disposal services.

Bizerte in figures

  • Population: 167 759 inhabitants
  • Surface area: 46 km²
  • Population density: 3 646/km²
  • Local authority budget: 25.580 million DT / $8.844 million
  • Smartphone penetration rate: 20 à 40%
  • Internet access rate: 40 à 60%


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